Overview of the conference "Konferencja dla zuli" in Poland

In the end of  May our Polish dealer Silvatech took part of an event called " Konferencja dla zuli" which is organized by a forest magazine "Gazeta Leśna". It is a conference where forest business owners and stakeholders meet to exchange knowledge and experience. Beside a formal conference, many professional forest crane operators were coming together during this event to beat one another in a competition called Polish Forestry Challenge where the fastest and most precise operator were determined.

Joanna from Silvatech commented this event to be a great opportunity to present products for forestry work. In total, about 40 exhibitors presented their products, among which our company [Silvatech Polska] proudly presented FARMA to our former and potential clients. We met a lot of great people, immensely involved in their work and the idea of mechanization of forestry work, to make it efficient and safe. Some of them are already excellent specialists in operating forest cranes.

Silvatech had there the FARMA CT5,3-8 equipped with hydraulic brakes, extension rear beam and stand-up podium met with a great interest of visitors. Although the weather was hot, visitors eagerly stopped to touch the equipment, talk and share their experience.

Joanna added that in our opinion, the conference is an ideal place to build good relationships in an environment of people who are really interested in the forestry subject.

Thank you Joanna and other members from Silvatech for attending the exhibition and presenting FARMA in Polish market.
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