Happy Birthday BIGAB!

Exactly 40 years ago there was a man coming up with the idea of building a machine which today is known as BIGAB hooklift system. Fors MW is the manufacturer of BIGAB machines, but Göte Håkanson is the man behind this successful story. A journalist from Swedish newspaper Entreprenadaktuellt visited Göte in Ulricehamn to ask more about the birth of BIGAB hooklift trailers.


 The short summary in English would be the following:


”I would do the same again today” 


Göte Håkanson is the brains behind the BIGAB trailers. After school, Göte Håkanson started work as a welder at a workshop in Blidsberg, outside Ulricehamn in Västergötland, that manufactured tipper beds for trucks. When the workshop in Blidsberg went into administration in 1968, Göte decided to buy the company and run it himself. 


The basic concept of  BIGAB was the same then as it is now. These BIGAB trailers are from the early 1980s. At the same time that Göte bought the workshop in Blidsberg he also bought himself a farm, and that was where he got the idea for the BIGAB trailer. The first trailer built was the 8-12 model, a 12 ton hooklift trailer with a maximum load of 8 tons when exchanging containers.


Göte says that he would do exactly the same thing as he did 40 years ago - he is happy with the design and satisfied with the quality. He also mentioned that people in Sweden are still associating him with the red trailer and are calling him to ask about their trailers that have been bought many years ago. "If you buy a BIGAB trailer you are almost guaranteed to get your money back when it is time to trade it in", says Göte.

Source: Ann-Louise Larsson, Entreprenadaktuellt


Hereby, Fors MW company wants to thank Göte Håkanson, your contribution behind the success of BIGAB cannot be put into words. 


We have always striven to meet our often changing customers requirements and will continue to do so. There are next 40 years and more to go! 


The original interview can be found in Entreprenadaktuellt webpage:

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